Really enjoyed Kendo like real samurai

by Mayumi

Really enjoyed Kendo like real samuraiOur session just started with how to hold a bamboo sword.Really enjoyed Kendo like real samurai

First,try practicing swing called 'Suburi' in Japanese.

It's just warm-up, then,let's try hitting the opponent's kendo protector by 3 kendo techniques, calling ' Men', 'Kote', 'Dou' ! 

Before and after training, we never failed to bow in order to respect each other , because it's important etiquette in samurai .

Spiritual refinement was required as well as the acquisition of its techniques.

We all did it very very well . That 's amazing ! We looked like real samurai, didn't we ?




04 Nov 2014


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“ A wonderful experience, well worth the price. ”

1 year ago Traveler: Max -   Tour Guide: Mayumi

This Kendo Experience is brilliant, we can not recommend it enough. Mayumi and her assistant ensured the lesson was insightful, practical and most importantly, a lot of fun. She picked us up from the station and dropped us off, her correspondence before hand was perfect and we were well prepared in advance. The kit you use is of the highest quality, the gymnasium was more than big enough and Mayum...
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“ A truly wonderful Kendo Experience ”

1 year ago Traveler: Louis -   Tour Guide: Mayumi

I have fought medieval great sword for 15 years. I wanted to experience the eastern styles and techniques. This class allowed for that. This is not just swinging a stick around for a couple of hours. You walk through the history and tradition of the Samurai. You then learn the foot work followed by the sword work. You get to do live practice with instruction followed by match play. I was ev...
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1 year ago Traveler: Symeon -   Tour Guide: Mayumi

When we decided that we will visit Japan this summer we wanted to do something more than the normal tourist things. So that lead to Master Mayumi and "Kendo Experience 〜why not experience the martial arts of the samurai ! 〜" We were a team of four - three teenagers and me (the dad). My wife was designated photographer. All three boys have been studying other forms of martial arts for a few ...
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2 years ago Traveler: Svend -   Tour Guide: Mayumi

Mayumi's Kedo class was the best. A great way to dive into Japanese culture and life. This is a full on accelerated Kendo experience wich quickly shows you the basics and then gets you involved with the class. All equipment provided. You'll love it.
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2 years ago Traveler: Jiaguan -   Tour Guide: Mayumi

The Kendo experience offered by Mayumi-san along with her Kendo partner, Go-san (sorry if I speeled wrong), was a great way to learn of not only Kendo as a sport but also the history and meaning behind what Kendo is. From the moment Mayumi-san picked us up from the meeting point she was trying to immerse us in the culture and history behind Yokohama and its port. how it became a trade hub whi...
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3 years ago Traveler: Claire -   Tour Guide: Mayumi

This was our first experience of Kendo and it was simply fantastic! Mayumi is a talented and knowledgeable person and very friendly. Not only did we get a great insight in to Kendo, we also really enjoyed the additional tour of Yokohama as we drove to the gym. A very nice touch. The activity itself was a lot of fun but harder than it looks! Mayumi and her assistant were very patient with us ...
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3 years ago Traveler: George -   Tour Guide: Mayumi

Experienced KENDO for the first time, thanks to Mayumi and her assistant who are very well informed and excellent athletes made it really interesting and fun. Very well organized with pick and return service, easy contact and both Mayumi and her assistant speak very good English. Thank you Mayumi for a wonderful experience!!!
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