Prime Land

by Hiroyuki

At 4-chome in the Ginza district, the land price is Japan's highest.

Prime Land

Every year in March, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism releases the land prices of 26,000 sites all over Japan. The highest land price in Japan is 50.5 million yen per square meter. In the photo above, the stores are, from right, Mikimoto Pearl, Yamano Gakki or musical instruments, Bakery Kimuraya(famous for its Anpan) and Wako which were all founded in the late 19th century. My memory about these stores are that I bought Anpan at Kimuraya, many CDs at Yamano Gakki and my wife a pearl necklace at Mikimoto. I would like you to have a good memory in Ginza. In my tour, A one day tour for the first time visitors to Tokyo, the area around there is on the route. Why don't you join me?

Wako building, a symbol in Ginza built in 1932

 Prime Land

25 Jun 2017

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