Practical Training for Tour Guides of Odani Castle Area (小谷城周辺のツアーガイド研修)

by Yoshi - Japan Licensed Guide
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Re: Practical Training for Tour Guides of Odani Castle Area 

Have you ever heard ASAI Nagamasa (浅井 長政), OICHI no Kata (お市の方) or Odani Castle (小谷城) before? Nagamasa (1545-1573 AD) was one of the bravest warlords ruling the northern area of current Shiga prefecture in the Provincial War era. And his beloved wife was OICHI, who was a sister of that historically well-known hero Nobunaga (織田 信長) and is renowned as a very beautiful but tragic heroine in the 16th century. They lived happily at the Castle, together with three pretty little princesses, all of whom were also to be caught in a strange and hard destiny afterwards. 

I attended a tour guide training today for representative historical sites around that castle, together with senior associates of volunteer tour guides for Northern Lake Biwa. I had known only the basics of the history, but I was able to imagine well what the castletown was like then, since the professional guides kindly explained the key points and unheard stories behind as vividly as they could. It was a valuable day today, a little bit cold though......

Practical Training for Tour Guides of Odani Castle Area (小谷城周辺のツアーガイド研修)Practical Training for Tour Guides of Odani Castle Area (小谷城周辺のツアーガイド研修)Practical Training for Tour Guides of Odani Castle Area (小谷城周辺のツアーガイド研修)Practical Training for Tour Guides of Odani Castle Area (小谷城周辺のツアーガイド研修)Practical Training for Tour Guides of Odani Castle Area (小谷城周辺のツアーガイド研修)

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09 Nov 2017


Licensed Guide
(3) Reviews

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