Port City since 1859

by Hiroyuki

Red brick warehouses

Port City since 1859

220 year long Japan's isolation policy was ended in 1854 by the demand of the U.S.with display of its military power. In 1858, treaty of trades was concluded with 5 western powers such as the U.S., Britain, France and so on. It resulted in the opening of the Port of Yokohama along with other four ports such as Kobe, Hakodate and so on. Then tiny fishing village, Yokohama has developed and expanded. Now, the population is about 3.7 million, the second largest city in Japan. The history of Yokohama has been colored by absorption of western culture and technology. The first railway in Japan was built between Shinbashi in Tokyo and Yokohama in 1872 just 5 years after the great political change at the starting year of the Meiji period(1868-1912). A British engineer, Edmund Morel, instructed the construction of it but he died one year before the completion. He rests in Yokohama. There are many stories about Yokohama  to talk while walking around. Why don't you join me?

Gate to the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetary in the Yamate district: Mr. and Mrs. Morel rest

Port City since 1859


12 Jun 2017

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