"POKU-POKU" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe - 5

by Katie - Japan Licensed Guide
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"POKU-POKU" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe - 5

Kurazukuri-Honpo in Koedo Kawagoe

"POKU-POKU" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe - 5

What's "POKU-POKU" ?

That's kind of sound or feeling. (^.^)

We have lots of onomatopoeias in Japanese. They are unlimited !

We can make our own onomatopoeias in our daily life.

Even YOU can make ones ! 

It's easy. Just repeat a phrase like "TEKU-TEKU" (sound of taking a walk), "WON-WON" (sound of dogs).

Why don't you make some your own onomatopoeias ? That's fun !

So now what's "POKU-POKU" ?

That's the sense of touch in a mouth. 

When you eat "POKU-POKU"- Manju, you may feel "POKU-POKU" in your mouth ! ヽ(^o^)丿

If you don't believe me, give it a try !!

It's cinnamon taste.


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15 Aug 2016


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