Perfect Victory

by Hiroyuki

Before the end of World War Ⅱ, May 27th was officially celebrated nationwide as the Naval Memorial Day. However, even today, it's a memorable day for not only Japanese but also people around the world. On this day in 1905, the fleet of Japanese Imperial Navy perfectly defeated the Russian Baltic Fleet. As a result, Japan became the first country of Asian countries winning the Western Power. The name of flagship of Japanese fleet in the battle is Mikasa , which is preserved in Yokosuka city in Kanagawa prefecture and the ship itself is a museum containing several kinds of displays to study. The photo shows the statue of a commander of combined fleet of Japanese Imperial Navy named Heihachiro Togo(1847-1934) and Mikasa in the background.

Perfect Victory

After his death, by respect and request of many Japanese people, Togo Shrine was built in Shibuya ward in Tokyo. He has been deified since  then. Although Togo Shrine is located near the busy Takeshita Street, the precinct is filled with quietness. Togo is worshipped especially as a god of victory. I would like to talk about interesting story with you. Why don't you join my tour?

Togo Shrine

Perfect Victory  

21 May 2017

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