02 Sep 2014

Tsundere Maid Café  

A kind of sub-genre of maid cafes, so-called tsundere maid cafes offer you service with a frown. The term tsundere comes from a kind of excited feeling some people get from a mean or disdaining person. In tsundere maid cafes, you are welcomed by “Here again? I hoped you wouldn’t show up tonight… All right, sit down already”. Your plate is forcefully placed in front of you, accompanied by a grunt, or if you’re lucky “finish the whole plate, and you better say it’s good”. And don’t expect any cute bunny drawings! It might be hard to imagine, but there are actually people who find it in a way comforting or relaxing to be in this environment. Maybe it makes them think of the missus at home… 

Pay Money to Get Scolded: Tsundere Maid Cafes
photo courtesy of darkstarzero.wordpress.com

For an impression of how things roll at a tsundere maid cafe, watch this movie clip (with English subs).

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