Past and Present of Osaka Abeno district

by Nobuyuki

Among many places to visit in the Osaka city, Abeno district offers the clearest contrast between the present and past time.  In the North of the Tennoji station there is Shitennoji temple and in the vicinity of the same station there is the high building called Abeno Harukas, the tallest one in the whole Osaka region.    It's just like travelling on the time machine.  

      The temple I mentioned has a close relationship with an ancient Imperial Family.     It is worth pointing out that there is an interesting relationship between Japanese Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines.   After the Meiji restoration which marked the transition of power from the Shogun Government to the Imperial Governance, the temples were completely separated from the body of the Shinto Shrines.     This means that  before the Meiji government the Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines had been developing hand in hand in an incorporated manner.   

       By the way, on the  top of the Abeno Harukas you can look down at the whole dimention of the Osaka City.   Let's see how exciting it is to stay there for some minutes or one hour or more.

16 Nov 2014


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