07 Jan 2016

Do you love Sake?           

                       -Then why don't we go visit a Sake brewery to study more and taste more

                                 Do you love Japanese paintings?

                                                                     -Then let's visit Kawai-Gyokudo Museum!!!

Ozawa Sake brewery tasting tour & visiting nearby museums

Ozawa Shuzou-Sake brewery is established more than 300 years ago in Edo period (1702~ ) and has still produced best quality sakes in Tokyo.

Let's meet at the nearest JR station at 10 o'clock ( ex, at Shinjuku Station to Mitake it takes 78 minutes and ¥920 for one way.)

Get off at Mitake station and go to Jiro-Soba noodle restaurant for lunch( ¥1,000-2,000)

Ozawa Sake brewery tasting tour & visiting nearby museumsAfter that let's visit Kawai-Gyokudou Museum(¥500), Kawai Gyokudou is one of the greatest artists of traditional Japanese paintings and he lived this place in his late stage.


Then let's walk along Tamagawa riverside for 20 minutes to Sawai-en. Enjoy very impressive gorgeous scenery along the way. At Sawai-en garden which is run by Ozawa-Shuzou-brewery let's have a leisurely time seeing scenery until the time comes for factory tour for maybe 10-20 minutes. After the factory tour(for 30 minuets and free of charge) you can taste Sake as much as you like. If you'd like to try more, visit a tasting house in Sawai-en ( one cup ¥100-500) or buy some as a souvenir. Now it's time to leave. Bye-bye Sawanoi! After the tour I'm sure you will be a greatest fun of Japanese Sake!

* For group tour ( up to 4) I have a discount plan. More information :Please see Ozawa Sake brewery tasting tour & visiting nearby museums


Please see my tour⇒Ozawa Sake brewery tasting tour & visiting nearby museums




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