Outside of Sapporo has a lots of fun!

by Yuichi

I could enjoy a typical idyllic scenery in Hokkaido with my guests from Singapore. 

Firstly We visited Biei patchwork fields.

Outside of Sapporo has a lots of fun!

Biei is famous for its farm products such as potato, onioin, wheat, buckwheat, carrot and so on.  Each section field has different kinds of vegetables so it looks like patchworks.  Outside of Sapporo has a lots of fun!

Then, we went to Blue pond.  

How transparent it is !

The reason why We can see such a beautiful color is due to the water containing aluminum  and the ground of the pond including conposition of sulfur. 

White birches stand decayed and they don't keep standing longer so maybe after 3 years you cannot see such a mysterious view of water and trees. 

Finally We went to Furano and enjoy walking in the flower fields.

Outside of Sapporo has a lots of fun!

We could see beautiful lavendor fields. 

You can see lavendor form the beginning of July to the end of July. 

Even after lavendor season has gone you can see other kinds of beautiful flowers in the fields!

We went back to Sapporo and enjoy nice Unagi ( eel dinner ) . That was amaizing!

Outside of Sapporo has a lots of fun!Let's enjoy round trip together.  

Hokkaido has vast area and you have many places to vistit. 

Why don't you go outside of Sapporo? 

I am sure you find many interests there. 

Please refer to my tour below. 

Walking in the flower field and enjoy patchwork field and fruits picking

13 Aug 2016

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Contact Yuichi

My name is Yuichi. My guests call me Ichi.
Ichi means No.1 so I hope it's easy for you to remember my name.
I am a licensed English speaking tour guide.
I was born and have lived most of my life in Hokkaido.
I have a lot of experience working as a travel agent and guide.
I am sure I can make you enjoy in Hokkaido!
MY career is below.

I I had been working as a travel agent and taken Japanese tourists to other countries.
I have visited more than 60 countries all over the world.
There,I was treated with kind consideration by local guides and people.
Owing my good memories in foreign countries I have been thinking that I want to treat foreign visitors same way that I was treated outside Japan.

I had been teaching English in high school and studied how difficult to teach and spread English to the Japanese teenagers.
Then I had still have a dream to be a English guide.

I have been working as a English speaking guide.
I moved to Tokyo and guided my guests in Tokyo.
(Mainly Tsukiji market & Asakusa)

I came back to Hokkaido and I am working at travel agency and also as a English speaking guide.
I had a lot of guests and they enjoyed my tour.
I would like to show you their great review for my guiding!

Please come to Hokkaido!
I look forward to seeing you in Hokkaido.


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