Our family enjoyed picking grapes in Kande vineyard

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         Our family, my mom, two daughters, my granddaughter went to Kande vineyard on 15 September, because that Iwaoka vineyard had closed from 12 September.

         My granddaughter Yako likes grapes very much. On arriving at the vineyard, she started eating grapes intently by herself. But her eating style was very unique, I have never seen such an eating style of grapes.  Well,  1)  Pick up one grape by her right hand. 2) Peel skin at the top of the grape with her fingers of right hand. 3)  (After, she can see the head? of the grape), start to swallow the inside of grape and juice as jelly, with holding the grape with her fingers.

         Can you imagine what I want to tell?  Anyway, she dyed her fingers violet soon. After getting tired of eating grapes, she found something more interesting, and talked to her great-grandmother, " Great-grandmother, look! The leaf is very big and so funny, isn't it?" And, my mother answered, " Oh yeah, certainly so, the shape of the leaf of grapes is very interesting!, you found a good thing."

        Yako's great-grandmother, that is my mother has studied Haiku, a short poem of seventeen syllables of Japanese for many years. And on the way back to her home, she made a haiku with my help. If it is translated to English, " Grape pikking, but a tired girl, leaf looking." 

        I am afraid it is a poor work. If there is a volunteer to make a better English haiku, please let me know. I am very happy.

       See you again!

Our family enjoyed picking grapes in Kande vineyard

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18 Sep 2016


Licensed Guide
(1) Reviews

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