09 Oct 2016

I had guests from Singapore. 

They requested to visit Otaru, one of the most popular touristic destinations in Hokkaido. 

At first, we visited a best photo spot in Otaru city. 

This is canal area where old historical buildings are still remain and used as restaurants, museum, and tourist information center. 

Otaru used to be a city of craftsman such as grass products and music boxes.

Even now the city is famous for its artistic products.

Many artists come to the city and are inspired by its artistic atmosphere. 

Otaru is welkown as a city of art in Hokkaido. 

Otaru tour with guests from Singapore This is Sakaimachi historical street.

Old buidings are still used as souvenir shops, street food stalls, cafe, and sweets shop. 

Otaru is a famous for its grass products so you can enjoy your own grass making as well. 

Otaru tour with guests from SingaporeSpeaking of Otaru city, it is fresh seafood. 

There are so many Sushi restaurants in the city. 

We chose fresh seafood grill this time. 

My guests were happy to see and enjoy big fresh seafood. 

Otaru tour with guests from SingaporeIf you are looking for the tour at Otaru area. 

Please join my tour. 

Finding historical assets and try fresh sea food snacks in Otaru city


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