15 Jan 2015

Please watch a Video !!

On January 14th "Doyadoya Festival"

was held at Shitennoji Temple in Osaka. 

The doyadya festival is one of the three strange festivals in Japan and is held in prayer for world peace and rich harvest.  Another name of the festival is naked festival.

  In the first half nearby kindergarten children participated. In the last half local students are divided into two teams and grab papers of talisman. 

The team ends up with more papers is the winner. 

Although students wearing only loincloth are thrown by water in the cold, they have courage to enter the hall of Rokujido to grab papers.

☆ Please refer to Temple Town in the South of Osaka .

Thank you.

Osaka Shitennoji Doyadoya Festival (watch a video)

Osaka Shitennoji Doyadoya Festival (watch a video)

【 MAP  】


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