30 Jan 2015

Even for Japanese people, it makes us feel dating back to about 150 years ago.

But this is in the buidling at the end of shopping arcade. If you visit too much temples and shrines, and want something different from gardens and temples,, how about visiting here?

Old costume 

Inside of the builiding, there is a small town.

Old town is there. First, please drop in at the next door of Furoya, public bath center.

You can change your cloth to the old town outfits. After becoming the people in old days. let's start to walk in the town.

The next door, is a toy shop. You can enjoy playing with old fashioned toys there, or putting a mask on your face like this!

Osaka museum of housing and living

Osaka museum of housing and livingOsaka museum of housing and living

Further more, you can come into the drug store, and walk on Tatami mats.

In the back yard, this house has a warehouse. You will enjoy the old time ( but not too long ago ) life and town.

After the visit, how about enjoying walking along the longest shopping arcade in Japan?

It is the OSAKA!


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