15 Dec 2014

One of the must-visit shops in Omote-sandoOne of the must-visit shops in Omote-sando

Prefecture Shop

One of the most attractive shops you should visit is a 'Prefecture Shop.' Many prefectures, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, open respective stores in Tokyo.



One of these is 'N'ESPACE,' a shop which specializes in local delicacies from Niigata Prefecture in Omote-sando, Harajuku. Niigata is located on the Sea of Japan side of the main island, Honshu. It has an abundance of rice fields and fishing ports. So, Niigata is famous for its delicious rice, which also produces high-quality Japanese Sake, tasty confectioneries and rice crackers. Furthermore, Niigata is proud of its rich sea food and fish-based products, such as fish cakes and delicacies made of kelp, which are an essential part of traditional Japanese New Year's feasts.


Popular Foodstuffs

They will surely satisfy you and help you appreciate Japanese food culture. Some of the most popular foodstuffs for overseas visitors are 'Instant  Miso soup (it's authentic!)' and 'Citrus-and-Chili-flavored rice crackers (they go with beer!),' which are also good for souvenirs. Please find them!


A few minutes' walk from Omote-sando Station. Several minutes' walk from Harajuku Station and Meiji-jingu Shrine.

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