Okonomiyaki: Japan's Savory Pancake

by Yuri

Okonomiyaki, otherwise called as savory pancake by some tourists, is a traditional and healthy Japanese pan food. It is called a pancake because it looks like one, although it may also be thinked of as something similar to a frittata or an omelette. 


Okonomiyaki is basically made from batter and cabbage, topped with a wide range of toppings and fillings of choice from meat to seafood, spiced with savory sauce, bonito flakes, Japanese mayonnaise, and dried seaweed bits. Modern okonomiyaki variations also include yakisoba okonomiyaki, which is okonomiyaki with yakisoba in it.


Okonomiyaki is known to have originated in the western regions of Japan particularly Hiroshima and Osaka. Today, it is available everywhere in Japan and a lot of specialty restaurants have already established okonomiyaki in their respective menu. It is now also a popular dish for food carts in local Japanese festivals. 


Okonomiyaki is found all over Japan but you might encounter two particular types: Hiroshima-style and the Osaka-style okonomiyaki whose recipe originated from the two cities respectively.  


Okonomiyaki: Japan's Savory Pancake

Photo from r.gnavi.co.jp



30 Jul 2014

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