03 Sep 2016

"OGOSE Abundant in Plum Trees" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe 6

At Kurazukuri-Hompo in Koedo Kawagoe
"OGOSE Abundant in Plum Trees" Manju in Koedo Kawagoe 6
Actually it's small.

"Ogose Plum Orchard " is one of the biggest plum orchards like Mito Kairaku-en Park and Atami Plum Orchard in Kanto region.

It's located near Kawagoe in Saitama.

I think pickled plums are one of famous Japanese food.

Have you ever eaten some ?  They taste sour !  Really really sour !!! (・・;)

But don't worry about this Manju !

It's not like pickled plums.

Sweet plum syrup is added, so this tastes really really nice ! (^_-)-☆

If you want to see beautiful plum blossoms, you should pay a visit to Ogose in March !

Just before cherry blossoms, we enjoy plum-blossom viewing to feel the coming of early spring. (^.^)


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