26 Aug 2014

Odaiba with a little bit of history


Odaiba (also otherwise known as Daiba), is an artificial man-made island situated beside the Tokyo Bay. Odaiba was once a defense fort to protect Tokyo from open attacks and sea invasions during the late Edo period. "Daiba", a Japanese word which means "fort", is also the most likely explanation to the origin of the place's name.   


Approximately 50 more years after the Edo Period, Odaiba was reconstructed as a sea port, and later as a commercial and leisure complex in the 90s. At present, Odaiba is considered as one of Tokyo's visited tourist destinations. 


ODAIBA: Let's Take a Vacation to Tokyo's Man-Made Island!

Rainbow Bridge at Odaiba, Tokyo. Photo from irzed.blogspot.com


An island open to the sea 


Odaiba is already famous for the fact that it's an artificial island. What makes it more famous is that it's one of only two places where you can openly access the waters of the bay in Tokyo metroplitan area without any obstruction by buildings and and other industrial and commercial infrastructures. 


ODAIBA: Let's Take a Vacation to Tokyo's Man-Made Island!

Photo from travel.nationalgeographic.com


Shopping, leisure, and dating


The seaside offers a relaxed atmosphere which is a whole lot different from the congested streets of the city. This makes it a hit destination for couples to go on a date, and families to go on short vacations for recreation and bonding. Similar to the other shopping districts present within Tokyo, Odaiba offers a range of shopping destinations that are only a few meters apart from the bay, and which offer a decent view of the waterfront. Entertainment and transportation facilities such as water buses and monorails are also readily available.


Some of the notable attractions in Odaiba include the Odaiba Seaside Park, Rainbow Bridge, Venus Fort, Little Hong Kong, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Fuji TV, and LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo. 


ODAIBA: Let's Take a Vacation to Tokyo's Man-Made Island!

Night lights at Venus Fort Mall. Photo from pongitravel.blogspot.com


ODAIBA: Let's Take a Vacation to Tokyo's Man-Made Island!

Little Hong Kong at Odaiba. Photo from pongitravel.blogspot.com


GUNDAM Front Tokyo


Located on the 7th floor of the Diver City building, GUNDAM Front Tokyo is a must-go destination especially for the hardcore Gundam fans. With an entrance fee of approximately 1,200 Yen (Around $13), you can see for yourself the mecha  wonders of their Gundam exhibit. Tourists enjoy lurking around the interactive exhibit and having their photos taken with the variety of large Gundam figures, most especially the famed 18-meter tall Gundam robot which stands outside the Diver City. 


ODAIBA: Let's Take a Vacation to Tokyo's Man-Made Island!

Photo from broketourist.net


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Looking for an in-depth guide to Odaiba? Check out this link! You might find it useful.


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