Obon お盆

by Masaki

 Obon お盆

 Obon is the three-day Buddhist holidays in the middle of August.

It is said that the spirits of dead ancestors come back to the family during the period.

People light paper lanterns to guide the spirits. 

Obon お盆

They also perform Bon dances throughout Japan.

 People ask a Buddhist priest to come and read sutra for the ancestors' spirits.

In the past, they didn't eat meat or fish during this period according to the Buddhism teachings. But today these customs seem out of fashion.

Around the obon season, many urban residents return home all at once, so trains and freeways are temporally crowded.

Obon お盆

The old literature shows that the bon ceremony was celebrated around the early 7th century in the reign of the empress Suiko. 

Bon is a religious event related to Buddhism. However, other Buddhist countries don't hold these kinds of events.

The Japanese native shinto religion worships ancestors. Therefore, some people believe that ancient people mixed Buddhism with Buddhism to celebrate obon. 

05 Aug 2017

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