Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

by Mieke - TripleLights travel specialist

 When you visit Tokyo, a visit to one of its many live bars is a must.
Mingling with the Japanese clientele, you can enjoy live performances
by singers from abroad or from Japan. The bars listed here all have their
own atmosphere. I’ve tried to make the most diverse list as possible: some
bars are hip, serving interesting kinako-lattes while you listen to an
a capella singer, others are famous, fancy bars with well-known jazz and
blues artists performing on stage while still others are smokey old jazz
cafes which leave you wondering if the furniture is older than the visitors,
or the other way around.  
Check the links for more information on each of the bars.

1: Blue Note

Doubtlessly one of the most famous lice jazz bars around the world.
Since they opened up business in Tokyo it’s been popular with both foreigners
(which means English speaking staff!) and Japanese alike. At Blue Note you
can enjoy delicious food and drink in front of some of the world’s top live acts.
Reservations are necessary, so call +81 (0)3-5485-0088 in advance.
Very classy bar, ideal for a date.

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

2: New York Bar  

Who hasn’t seen Sofia Coppola’s movie ‘Lost in Translation’? If you have,
you might recognize the dazzling interior when you step into the New York Bar.
If not, this famous live bar also offers an unrivalled view of the skyline of Tokyo.
The night-time view of the city draws in many people. Couple this view with
stellar jazz performances, exquisite food, and some top shelf liquors and
you have the ingredients of a memorable evening.

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo
3: Cotton Club

Tokyo’s Cotton Club is based on the original New York Cotton Club that
drew celebrities and large numbers of other big stars in the 1920s. A
sophisticated French menu coupled with warm soul and R&B music
makes this a perfect spot for a good night out. Many artists who perform
at Cotton Club are internationally recognized, but also famous Japanese
artists, whom you might have never heard of, take the stage. Early booking
secures a front row seat, but the venue is rather small so even seats at
the back have a decent view on the stage.

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

4: Bauhaus  

Bauhaus in Roppongi has been a popular venue with Japanese
and foreign lovers of rock music since they opened in 1981.
Bauhaus’ staff have been jamming together for over 20 years,
specializing in 70s and 80s rock (think Eric Clapton, The Beatles,
Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, etc..) Sessions after
23:00 tend to be especially good. You can request your favourite song
and from the waiters. Or you can join one of their guitar lesson recitals
(reservation required).

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

5: Artist

A hidden gem in the hip Shimokitazaka neighbourhood, Roots
Music Cafe ‘Artist’
features interesting live acts every day from 19:00.
The tiny café gives a very homely and intimate atmosphere; there is just
enough space for a singer plus a guitar. They feature mostly Japanese
upcoming singers, so you will have a chance to witness some live music
you won’t easily find at home.

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

6: Eggman  

A slightly younger crowd gathers at live bar Eggman in Shibuya.
Descend the spiral staircase down to the basement to hear rock, blues
or light jazz musicians get their groove on. Most of the acts are local
and of the lighter, sweeter variety. Tickets available at the
door, but get there early to make sure they’re not sold out. Most shows
commence at around 19:00.

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

7: Shelter

This intimate live bar in Shimokitazawa always books a
nice mix of both up-and-coming and more established local
bands that play bigger venues, mainly rock music. Overseas
acts also perform here on occasion. Shelter has been around
for more than a decade and is exceedingly popular, so it’s
best to arrive early to save a seat.

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

8: Kento’s  

This live house, conveniently located just outside Shinjuku
station, focuses on old skool soul, RnB and disco classics.
Their in-house performers are almost all Japanese, many of
them covering American (soul) idols of the ‘70s and ‘80s.
If you’re up for a funky night of dancing under the shimmering lights
of the disco ball, this is the place to go!

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

9: Claps

This Roppongi live house hosts so many different genres, it’s hard
to name a main genre. Most performers are Japanese who’ve already
accumulated somewhat of a fan base. Their schedule tends to be irregular,
so if you go there for the live music (instead of for their dinners, which
are also recommendable) you might like to check ahead.

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

10: Violon  

This bar (or would you call it a cafe) is without doubt the strangest in my list.
If you didn’t know it was there, you would surely pass it without even
knowing of its existence. But I think you shouldn't. Why? The unrivaled
atmosphere created by the eccentric jazz and blues loving clientele, combined
with the owner, hidden behind a counter so full of stuff you can hardly see him.
Violon has a piano in the back on which ‘sometimes’ (according to the
owner) people come and play a bit. There is a live schedule on the website,
but this is updated so irregularly that you might as well not. The menu is meagre, with only three choices: coffee, ice coffee and soft drinks. However, you will find you coffee accompanied
by a small bottle of liquor to mix into your drink to taste. The only food
on the menu is Violon’s famous cheesecake (which, according to the owner, is
also ‘sometimes’ available). However, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you
are welcome to bring your own snacks along. Oh, and did I mention
the interior? It’s rad.

Nothing Beats a Live Beat: 10 Live Music Bars in Tokyo

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30 Jul 2014

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