10 Jul 2014

The Ise-shima National Park, located in sourthern Mie Prefecture boast the beautiful sightseeing spots and the grand shrine, Ise-Jingu.
Among of such many sightseeing spots, Toba bay area has distinctive and charming characters.
Toba area has been playing a role to offer seafood to the God worshipped in Ise-Jingu.

Nostalgic seaside village Oosatsu

When walking a seaside village Oosatsu, we can meet powerful and cheerful local people, of course, Ama (female divers). They are filled with kindness, hospitality, and deep worship and appreciation to sea deities.

People living there has been coexisting with the nature and the deities.

Here in Oosatsu we may have a nostalgic feeling, because we are reminded of our traditional life which had been harmonized with nature and deities.



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