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13th September 2014

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13 Sep 2014

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Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting TripleLights. I am CEO of Travelience inc and the owner of TripleLights.

I have been a backpacker for over 15 years. During that time, I graduated Waseda University and worked for Accenture as a consultant and worked as sales in travel portal site.

In 2012, I traveled 33 countries for 9 months. I decided to start a business for travel industry during the travel. I love traveling because there are lots of opportunity to meet people, experience something new, eat delicious foods, think different and so on.

I always feel the traveling day is very memorable day which I cannot forget. I forgot how many times I went to watch movie but remember how many times I traveled in my life. I forgot what I did on 1st of march 2 years ago but I remember what I did on the 3rd day of my last travel.

Traveling always gives us memorable day. If you traveled for 10 years, you could get 3,650 memorable days!It’s very happy,isn’t it? I would like many people to travel more and have happy days more. read more

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