Natural mineral pigments used for modern Japanese-style painting

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I studfied natural miveral pigments which are used for Japanese-style painting.
Please refer following.
What is natural mineral pigments?
That is one of the pigments which is used for the East.  Examples of them are ultramarine blue, verdigris, vermilion, red earth and venetian red.  These are mineral such as blue stone and malachite those are powderized from stone.
Natural mineral pigments used for modern Japanese-style painting
Because their particle are coarse and not soluble in water, they are used by mixing glue as adhesive agent.
How to use natural mineral pigments?
This natural mineral pigments can express rich color by using natural color tone this pigments possessive.
Because the raw material is consist of particle, each color does not mixed and not influenced with other colors.
Therefore, you can create myriad expression by overglazing those colors.
Also, the color tone is vary depending on the size of particle and the way of painting under same color material. Each material particle is assigned with each number which show that larger number correspond to finer particle and lighter color.

The deep expression of Japanese paintings has been derived  from the original sophisticated way which put subtle color tone variation as the special value for the expression.
There are two types of mineral pigments.
One is natural mineral pigments whose impurities are removed from gemstone of raw material and broken into pieces.
The impurities a little remained inside the gemstone can create original deep color tone.
The other is new mineral pigments which are made by appropriately mixing glass material with metal oxide.
After that, those are compressed and broken in pieces with no impurities remained.
This new mineral pigments is cheap and there are many kinds of color tone prepared for this pigment.
Therefore, this is generally used as mineral pigments.

In my another blog, I will show you the examples of Japanese-style paintings which I specially was impressed while I was seeing the exhinits in Narukawa Art Museum.

If you are interested in this Natural mineral pigments, please visit Narukawa art Forum refering following URL registered by me.

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09 Dec 2017


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