30 Dec 2015

My last tour this year was in Nara.

When you hear " Nara ", what idea do you have? 

Most of the people remember a Big Buddha statue of Todaiji temple or deer park

Of course these are must-sees.

The last spot of my tour, we visited a newly opened center for foreign touriests, Nara Visitor Center.

Nara visitor center

What is good is .....

1 you can take a rest 

2 Free wifi

3 You can have some experience of Japanese traditional culture such as tea ceremony ( simple one ), Origami ( paper folding ) or so on. The staff speaks English or Chinese, will help you and give advice on Nara sightseeing.

Today, just before New Year days in Japan..

They offered three lessons

 1 New Year greeting card making ( Nengajo making )

  Using some stamps, I saw kids enjoying making a greeting card

2 Mizuhiki ( cerebretory gift decoration ) making

3 decoration of special chopsticks for New Year Days.

My guests enjoyed No 2 and No.3 Nara visitor center

The staff kindly and gently helps my guests making mizuhiki. It was a little complecated, But the decoration is make of three lines of paper strings. 

Nara visitor center

The next is .. special chopstick bag

First, the guests wrote their name in English in each.

Then the staff found the kanji characters with the same sound of their name

Next to the kanji characters, the meaning of each one was added.

Then let's practice writing Japanese characters with a brush-pen for calligraphy 


Nara visitor center

Then here it is =!!!
Well done!  it was a nice souvenir for them 

Nara visitor center

If you are interested in, why don't you stop by there?

I will assist you to enjoy the time in Nara too.

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