Nara-machi Is Nice Place for Browsing

by Kaoru - Japan Licensed Guide
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Nara-machi (town)

Do you know Nara-machi ? It is a cosy town related to world heritages.

There are restaurants, cafes, sake tasting, and shops. But it is very quiet. Can you believe this?  It may be a hidden and secret town.

Most of them were developped after Edo period as merchandised areas. We might meet unique styled something!!

Pikles Restaurant WindowNara-machi Is Nice Place for Browsing

 Inside shopcase and outside of the restaurantNara-machi Is Nice Place for BrowsingNara-machi Is Nice Place for Browsing

There is a chinese herb medicine, popular for resitents.Nara-machi Is Nice Place for Browsing

Coloful Breach Shop  Nara-machi Is Nice Place for Browsing

Sake Tasting at the Taraditional Brewery  Nara-machi Is Nice Place for Browsing    

Please refer to Browsing Nara with 3 world heritage.

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22 Nov 2015


Licensed Guide
(5) Reviews

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