27 Feb 2015

As for video

The event of attracting deer is recorded in the 2nd minute and 30 seconds and after that night illumination is recorded.

Attracting Deer

There are about 1,700 deers in Nara Park and the event of attracting deer by the sound of horn is held.
 They are very tame and not afraid of visitors. Visitors can feed the deer with crackers sold at stalls in the park.  They really have a healng quality. They have been protected with care for many centuries because they have been considered to be the divine messengers of Kasuga Shrine. 

Nara : attracting deer & night illumination (video)Night Illumination

is held at Manyo Botanical Garden near Kasuga Grand Shrine.  The botanical garden is a stroll-round garden and you can see 20 kinds of 200 flowers of wisteria which is a symbol of Kasuga Grand Shrine.  You can see the peak of Wisteria from mid April to the beginning of May.

Nara : attracting deer & night illumination (video)

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