29 Jul 2016

You must catch the streaming fine noodles in the water. If you miss it, you can not eat !!

You are to wait for coming noodles in front of half-cut tube.( or Bamboo) 
With the water, it comes. Don't miss it!!

Nagashi Somen -fine noodle in the streaming water

It is what you can experience just in summer !

In addition, can you guess where I am ? 

I am over the river. In Kyoto, it is very undurable hot in Kyoto. 

But here in Kifune, in the moutainous area, you will be more relaxed in cooler temperature. 
The sound of streaming river will also sounds cooler.

Nagashi Somen -fine noodle in the streaming water

Don't miss this special experience in summer !


Tomoko's tour------ https://triplelights.com/japan/tour/kyoto-by-tomoko-40

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