29 Mar 2016

Thank you for your interests.

 My name is Ai.
 I am a around 30's, woman.

 I'll be available

 →after 6pm in Osaka
 (dinner & travel advice for the next day)

 ★Saturday, Sunday & national holidays
 →all day in Tokyo or KANSAI(Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara etc.)

Guiding fees will be negosiable, however, since I live in Osaka, travel & hotel expenses for Tokyo will be charged(around 270USD for two days), or my Columbia classmates who lives in Metropolitan area and has an English tour guide license might guide you.

Therefore, guiding in KANSAI region only is welcome.

Since I used to work at USJ as an interpreter, I know everything about USJ, plus I can tell you behind-the-scene stories.

I have ten-year experience in commuting to a private school in Kyoto, lived in Osaka for more than thirty years, I know every must-see sightseeing spot & nice restaurant in my hometown KANSAI region!

If your travel is a first time to visit Japan, I strongly recommned to stroll arond an ancient capital, Kyoto, which is only a 15-min ride by Shinkansen from Osaka.

For example, there are famous castles in both Osaka & Kyoto.
Golden Pavilion and Kiyomizu Temple are another highlights of a historical city, Kyoto.

You can enjoy the largest Budda statue in Nara where there are many deer in the surrounded park of the temple.  If you are rather interested in modern Japanese culture than history, you could still enjoy sceneries from the top of the castles & feed cute bambi in Nara.

Since Osaka is famous for gourmet, lot of delicious restaurants are available with reasonable prices.

Moreover, there 's huge aquarium on bayside. Please check 海遊館(KAIYUKAN) on the internet.

In addition to the above advantages, I have personal connections to reserve platinum concert tickets and luxury hotels in Osaka with discount prices even online reservations were full.

Feel free to ask me any questions:)

Hope to see you in Japan!!!

 your guide,


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