Mountaineering in Japan

by Hiroyuki

In Japan, about 70% of the national land area is classed as mountainous. After the modernization in Japan starting in 1868, some westerners introduced Japan's mountains to the rest of the world and they told the Japanese the concept of Alpinism. However, before that, people in Japan climbed mountains not as Alpinism but as the object of worship. Besides Mt. Fuji, the most sacred mountain, each region has its sacred mountain. In Kanto area, for example, Mt. Tsukuba or Mt. Oyama are refered to as sacred mountains. The photo below was taken at the top of Mt. Oyama(1252m above sea level) in Kanagawa prefecture. During the Edo period(1603-1867), it was very popular that common people in Edo(now Tokyo) joined the party climbing it. It is about 70 km far from Tokyo.Mountaineering in Japan   

15 Apr 2017

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