[ Motion Picture] The Fall Foliage at Keisoku-ji and Shakudo-ji Temple of Kohoku Area

by Yoshi - Japan Licensed Guide
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Both of the temples of Keisoku-ji (鶏足寺) and Shakudo-ji (石道寺) used to be two of the biggest and mightiest Buddhists Meccas built at Kodakami-yama mountain (己高山) in Heian period (about 1,200 years ago). Since the area was believed most peaceful and divine place, it is said that they called it “Paradise under the sun”. There must have been many Buddhist monks walking up and down the holly mountain so often in those days. But, as time went by, the temples and the surroundings had been devastated day by day, due to some political reasons, and now the temples became the ones with no monks, only the village people have exerted themselves to keep the Buddhist images and the buildings.

In every late fall season, however, the idyllic countryside develops into the busiest streets with a lot of sightseers, just like the old Heian (平安) days. Yes, the area has now become renowned as the best vista of breathtaking autumnal leaves.

Since the weather forecast said that it would be a perfect fine day today, I headed to the old "Paradise" in the early morning. This is because I've known that it must be very hard to park a car in a midday since the autumnal leaves there is well renowned even in the range of western Japan. The fall foliage landscape did not betray my expectation this year, too.

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Licensed Guide
(3) Reviews

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