Monkey Park in Kyoto!

by TOMOE - Japan Licensed Guide
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Monkey Park in Kyoto!If you like animals,  how about visiting Monkey Park in Arashiyama, Kyoto?

You have to climb a hill for about 20 minutes, however, on its top, you can see and feed (you can buy peanuts, cut apples, and bananas and feed) monkeys. You can have a fun time with monkeys!

Monkey Park in Kyoto!Monkey Park in Kyoto!Monkey Park in Kyoto!

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Licensed Guide
(43) Reviews

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“ A wonderful day with a wonderful guide!! ”

1 week ago Traveler: Sunn -   Tour Guide: TOMOE

Tomoe has been super patient with our accidental change of plans for the day (and there were 14 of us so you can well imagine!) and managed to save our day with helping translate a few things with our driver. She took us around for more than we bargained for (since the accident had almost brought our plans to a halt!) and introduced us to the places we visited very clearly. Meals were well pla...
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1 week ago Traveler: Angelica -   Tour Guide: TOMOE

My daughter and I spent 2 lovely days with Tomoe. She is thoughtful, detail oriented and very sweet. We can’t asked for a better tour guide. Thank you so much Tomoe-San Hope to see you very soon 🥰
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“ Excellent tour ”

1 week ago Traveler: Ronald -   Tour Guide: TOMOE

Tomoe did an excellent job. Not only got us to the planned sightseeing locations and provided insightful information but also took the time and effort to help with some train arrangements. She is a very personable person and enjoyed visiting with her as much as seeing the sights. She only left us when we were securely on the train back to our hotel. As an aside, Nara is a great city to visit.
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“ Osaka Kuromon Market ”

Very Good
2 weeks ago Traveler: Zainol -   Tour Guide: TOMOE

We enjoyed our tour. Tomoe is a fanstastic guide! Friendly, patient and will go out of her way to make the tour enjoyable and fun. She knows our dietary restriction and that she helps with the food selection. We would certainly like to have more tours with Tomoe in the future should we be in Kansai again. To Tomoe - A very big thank you and our best wishes for you and your family for 2020!
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4 weeks ago Traveler: Catherine -   Tour Guide: TOMOE

Tomoe is a great tour guide. Very knowledgeable and kind, she took us to all the sites we wanted to visit and gave us many insights. I would recommend her services 100%.
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“ Day Visit to Kyoto - 25 November 2019 ”

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We docked at Kobe cruise port on 25 November 2019 and then took the Shinkansen to Kyoto. Prior to arriving, Tomoe had been very patient with our enquiries and was very informative with instructions as to how best to get to Kyoto by public transport. We also discussed many options of places to visit in Kyoto especially to see the temple/gardens with spectacular autumn colours. Tomoe helped us ac...
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Me, my wife and 16 month old baby were visiting Japan for a holiday and decided to book a tour during our stay in Kyoto. We had done a lot of searching and decided to book in with Tomoe for a day tour; we had an absolutely amazing day! From the start Tomoe's communication before the trip was excellent. She listened to what it was we were looking to do, and used her expertise to advise us and co...
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We had a great tour with Tomoe! We are a military family of 4, from the US. She was patient and kind with us (we have a 2 year old). She seemed to know all the quickest routes to get to places. Her English is good, and we had a great time. We would not have been able to cover this much ground in one day without her. If you have the time and energy to navigate- proceed on your own. If you don’t wan...
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2 months ago Traveler: Uday -   Tour Guide: TOMOE

We visited Nara with Tomoe, starting from Kyoto and stopping at Fushimi Inari on the way back. We had lunch at a friendly vegetarian restaurant in Nara. We found Tomoe to be knowledgeable, organized, and attentive to our needs. Throughout the long day, her enthusiasm never flagged, nor did her bag run of goodies meant for us – lovely photographs of a garden in summer and fall, Japanese sweets, an...
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“ Visit to Rurikoin ”

2 months ago Traveler: Kelvin -   Tour Guide: TOMOE

We booked a trip on 15 November for Tomoe to guide us to see some of the less visited attractions in Kyoto. She very efficiently communicated and arranged an itinerary of Rurikoin, Enkouji temple and (at our request) Nijo castle. She arranged for us to have lunch at a nice tradiitonal Japanese restaurant. Tomoe has been a wonderful guide, patient and full of knowledge and with her cheerful persona...
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