25 Aug 2014

'The Terminal' mobile office in Harajuku is conveniently located right between the train stations ‘Jingumae’ (metro) and ‘Harajuku’. It may seem like you’ve entered a stylish Internet cafe, but you won’t find anyone playing World of Warcraft here. For 650 yen (US $6.30) per hour or 2160 yen (US $20.90) for any time over three hours, you can enjoy the facilities of a typical office without needing to suit up or clock in. When you plan to hang around in Tokyo for longer, you might consider a monthly subscription which almost cuts off 50% off the price. Or, if you want to pitch some ideas, you can rent a meeting room for around 1000 yen (US $9,60) extra on top of the normal hour fee. Other facilities The Terminal offers include: copy machine access, access to additional power outlets, space for giving presentations, space for relaxing and reading, drink service, a roof garden for smokers (also rental), and of course wireless internet access.  

Mobile Office 'The Terminal'

Website: https://theterminal.jp (in Japanese)
Address: 3F Wave Jingumae 3-22-12, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Mail: contact@theterminal.jp

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