Meet "Daibutsu-sama" Great Buddha and deer in Nara

by Tatsuhiro

Nara is the predecessor of Kyoto as the capital of Japan

 Nra was made capital of Japan in 710 by Emperor Gemmei after the manner of the then Chinese capital. In 741 Emperor Syomu tried to ease the political and social unrest with the power of Buddhism and ordered the casting of the Great Buddha, which was completed in 752.  

You can spend a happy holiday

  You will be amazed at how huge the Grate Buddha image is, immerse yourself in the solemn atmosphere it creates amid the odor of burning incense, wonder at the ancient technology and the wisdom and the devotion of people. After all, you will never end up not being deeply impressed with the aura the "Daibutsu-sama" Great Buddha emits. Everywhere around the Great Buddha Hall, in the meantime, you can enjoy mixing with tame deer at "Deer Park" that do you no harm but ask you for food, "shika-sembei", which is being sold at the neareby stalls for 150 yen a pack containing some 50 grams of the deer food. You will feel very happy feeding, stroking and hugging the cute animal whose number exceeds, perhaps, 100. After spending some time at Todaiji Temple and Deer Park, go up the path leading to Wakakusa-yama hill, which commands a fantastic view of the cityscape below. 

Have lunch at Wakakusa-yama 

 There are restaurants near Todaiji Temple, but it may be a good idea for you to take with you "bento" lunch and eat it at the top of "Wakakusa-yama" hill enjoying a beautiful view below when the weather is nice.

Tere are plenty of souvenir shops

There is no shortage of souvenir shops in and outside the buildings of Todaiji Temple and in the Nara (Deer) Park, where you can buy memorable gifts for your friends.

 Let`s enjoy spending the happiest holiday at Todaiji temple !


 Tour of great Buddha in Nara is here.



20 Jun 2015

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