Manhole - the art on the streets in Japan / Tokyo (Sports competitions ver.)

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In Japan, there are many things to be observed not only at your eyesight level but also at your footstep level on the ground at streets: manhole, a round-shaped art on the street.  

In Japan, each city or area has unique designed manholes.  It shows the city's or area's symbols, famous things, or what they are proud of.

I love to looking for such unique manholes.  Here are some of my photo collections. 


1.Rugby World Cup 

Manhole - the art on the streets in Japan / Tokyo (Sports competitions ver.)

Tokyo was the host city of Rugby World Cup 2019.  This manhole has the emblem of RWC2019.  Many people came to Japan to see the RWC.  It was a very exciting competition!  

This manhole is located near one of the stadiums in Tokyo.


2.The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Manhole - the art on the streets in Japan / Tokyo (Sports competitions ver.)

Olympic and Paralympic Games was planned to be held this summer in Japan.  But due to coronavirus, it was postponed until 2021.  Tokyo was going to be the host city, so these manholes have Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games' emblem. 

 We can know the city's history, when and what kind of competition was held, form manhole.

I'll be happy if you get interested in Japanese manholes!  And I hope I can take you around to see them after the COVID-19 pandemic!



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(3) Reviews

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