Looking forward to having the tour in the near future!

by HIROKO - Japan Licensed Guide
(35) Reviews

We have been in difficult conditions, but we will get through this!! During this self-quarantine, I realized how much I love being a tour guide in Tokyo. I miss my tours so much!! 

Please stay safe, and dream of your next travel!!

* photos: spring in 2019

Looking forward to having the tour in the near future!


Looking forward to having the tour in the near future!

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Licensed Guide
(35) Reviews

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Recent Tour Reviews in Tokyo

“ Wonderful guide!!! ”

10 months ago Traveler: Ana -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

Wonderful guide! Hiro is a very nice person! Kind and very intelligent Súper tour! We had a lot of fun and for sure will hire her again on our next trip to Japan! She was fabulous!
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“ Great day Witherspoon Hiroko ”

11 months ago Traveler: Rob -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

Hiroko took my two sons and I on a whistlstop tour of Tokyo. She was fantastic knowledgable and fun. The best summary is that on the evening after she was worried we would not get to the rugby on saturday and so she texted me instruction in English and Japanese to show the ticket office. Brilliant !
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“ Hiroko is a terrific guide! ”

11 months ago Traveler: Jean -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

Hiroko is a terrific guide. She’s very knowledgeable, energetic and speaks perfect English. We could not have gotten a better guide. Thanks to Hiroko, Tokyo was one of our favorite cities.
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“ Highlight of our visit to Tokyo! ”

1 year ago Traveler: Glenn -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

Hiroko tailored the day to our interests and gave us so much more. Very warm, considerate, kind and lovely, Hiroko was a wealth of information, history and fascinating facts. She has a great knowledge of a huge amount of stores, their wares, and quality as well as restaurants and cafes. She has developed relationships with many shop owners and crafts people and gave us invaluable advice. She a...
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“ An amazing day with Hiroko ”

1 year ago Traveler: Judy -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

From start to finish it was a wonderful, experience for us visiting the Yanaka area. iAs first time visitors to Tokyo, Hiroko made us so welcome. We were able to learn so much about Japanese history and culture in such a short time. It was a lot of fun. Bob and Judy Carroll
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“ First class guide ”

1 year ago Traveler: Michael -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

Hiro was friendly ,knowledgable and very engaging.She was aware of the type of trip we wanted and delivered without fault- conversation was easy with her perfect English and we thoroughly enjoyed our three days . Hiro was happy to accompany us to Hiroko and organise transport and logistics.Lunch and dinner recommendations were spot on and we would recommend without hesitation. M and N -London.
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“ Enjoyed every minute of it. ”

1 year ago Traveler: Grace -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

Hiroko was amazing! I enjoyed spending every minute with her. Our family had a great fun filled day going to the fish market, shrines, temple, shopping and eating. We would be lost without her. She helped us with the train and getting around Tokyo. She also told us about some local tips and traditions which we would not realize without her. I wished she was available again the next day so we coul...
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“ The perfect guide ”

1 year ago Traveler: Silke -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

Hiroko is very kind and knowledgeable. She prepared an interesting tour and at the same time she was flexible and considerate of any suggestions we might have. We visited a lot of the highlights of the city without it ever feeling rushed. She also helped us along with tips and answers to our questions for the rest of our trip. Hiroko speaks excellent English - which is rather rare in Japan (she...
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“ Delightful and Personable! ”

1 year ago Traveler: Evan -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

My daughter and and we’re entirely new to Japan the day we met Hiroko. She not only gave us a terrific tour, but was insightful and attentive to our questions and interests. She help us with the language, traditions, culture and necessities of successfully finding our way. She was delightful and wholly personable all day and across many miles!
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“ Awesome sushi making with Hiroko ”

1 year ago Traveler: Tim -   Tour Guide: HIROKO

Hiroko was very friendly and knowledgeable. She's awesome! We had a great time at the sushi making workshop. The chef instructor also made it a lot of fun and it was a great learning experience.
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