28 Jul 2014



Photo from www.deepjapan.org


Pay lockers, or "koin rokkaa" in Japanese. These might be one of the most convenient things you will find in Japan. You can see pay lockers almost everywhere especially in subways, airports, dormitories and inns, public bath houses and coin laundry stations, establishments, and more.



Photo from matuhuji.exblog.jp


Now how do I use a pay locker?


Most lockers in Tokyo are available for rent wherein you insert ¥100 coins in the coin insertion slot, put your things in, close the locker, grab the key, and voila! You now have your instant short-term time capsule. Some lockers also have touch panels where you can input numerical passwords instead. The rental fee for these lockers usually range from about ¥200-¥700 per calendar day depending on the size of the locker, and have a maximum of 3-days storage period. Items left for more than 3 days inside these lockers are retrieved by some locker staff so make sure to get your stuff within the maximum storage period. Other lockers now also accept other modes of payment such as a Pasmo/Suica card, or other digital modes of money transfer through smart phones.


Other immediate rental services in Japan

  • Coin laundry and coin dryer - Since we already started talking about coin lockers, I am glad to inform you that Japan also has coin laundry and coin dryers. This is easy to explain. You insert your coin, put in your clothes, put in some detergent, close the machine door, and wait for your clothes to get cleaned. 
  • Bicycle-for-Rent - Not only lockers are for rent in Japan. We also have bicycles for your travelling convenience, especially if you hate long walks.



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