28 Oct 2016

Japan goes crazy for anything seasonal. Everytime the season changes you can always expect some exciting seasonal foods to come with it. Autumn in japan means chestnuts, peaches, sweet potato and apples. Since Autumn also includes Halloween there are many pumpking flavoured items available. The best places to look for limited edition sweets and snacks is at the convenience store. Mc donalds and Starbucks are also well known for their limited time seasonal foods and drinks. Here is a list of the top trending foods for fall. Read this list for the best autumn foods you must try in Japan - don't be late or you will miss out!

Baskin Robbins

Limited Edition Autumn Foods in Japan

Baskin Robbins has come out with the craziest autumn food of the season - a glow in the dark ice cream. Baskin robbins which is known as "31" in Japan, has gone all out for halloween with special ice cream flavours and a spicy habanero ice cream sundae. The spicy ice cream sundae might sound gross but has surprisingly good reviews. If you purchase one of the glow in the dark ice-creams you will be provided with a special box to put your ice cream in so you can see it glowing. 

McDonald's Halloween Chocolate French Fries

Limited Edition Autumn Foods in Japan

McDonald's Japan became internet famous earlier in the year after they sold french fries with chocolate sauce. The chocolate french fries received mixed reviews with people either loving or hating them. They are back again for halloween with a slightly spooky twist. They have two flavours to celebrate halloween: pumpking or sweet potato. The sauce is served in a squeezy pack with two different colours. One is just regular chocolate and the other containes the specially flavoured chocolate. Why not try out this unusal autumn food that you can only find in Japan?

Haagen Dazs Ice-cream

Limited Edition Autumn Foods in Japan

Haagen Dazs is one of the most popular ice cream brands for sale in Japan. They are available at supermarkets and also sold at 7-11 convenience stores. What is special about Haagen Dazs in Japan is that they always release special seasonal flavours. For autumn they have come out with sweet potato, maple custard cookie and the specky Kurumi Kuromitsu Koshian which is walnut, brown sugar syrup and smooth red bean paste. 

Starbuck's Peach and Nectarine Frappucino

Limited Edition Autumn Foods in Japan

Starbucks always offers atleast one special limited time only beverage. Usually they choose a flavour to suit the current season. Starbuck's is celebrating autumn with a peach and nectarine frappucino. Peach is one of the most loved fruits by Japanese people. This yummy concoction of stone fruits is only available until November 1st so get in quick before its gone!


Krispy Kreme

Limited Edition Autumn Foods in Japan

Krispy Kreme is also well known for having seasonal donuts. From September 14th until October 31st Krispy Kreme is selling their Halloween collection. The collection includes Caramel pumpkin, Melon Soda Monster and Purple Potato Mummy. In adition to donuts they are also selling a purple potato latte. A mixed pack of one dozen halloween donuts costs 2000yen.

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