17 Sep 2014

Shobo-ji temple, located in a rural and mountaneous area in Inabe-city, will hold an autumn festival from November 22 (Sat) through 30 (Sun). During this festival, beautiful red maple leaves are lit up on Saturday and Sunday nights. We can enjoy  fascinating and profound scenic beauty, while walking along the pond in the traditional garden.

Light Up at Shobo-ji Temple Autumn Festival

The traditional garden of this temple dates back to the Heian period (the 8th century). There are many old maple trees and gingko nut trees in the precinct.

During this autumn festival, the local people will provide special local cuisine. 

       Lunch menu  (10am to 2pm)

        “Omotenashi-Go-Zen” ----  Date: November 22 (Sat), 23(Sun), 24(Mon), 29(Sat) and 30 (Sun)    

         Handmade Buckwheat Noodles ----  Date: November 25 (Tue), 26(Wed), 27(Thu), 28(Fri) Open: 10am to 2pm


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