Let's enjoy the village life in Japan

by Hiroshi - Japan 专业持照的导游
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No heritage site, but peaceful, and sustainable life

Hi! I'm Hiroshi Terada. I'm a villager in Kosuge village, which is next to Tokyo metropolitan area.

My village has no heritage site, nor Mt. Fuji. Just it has about 740 villagers, and traditional lifestyle.

Let's enjoy the village life in Japan

Living with nature and warship

Let's enjoy the village life in Japan

Because 95% of total land is forest and mountain, we coexist with nature in daily life. We get food and materials from nature and warship deities living in nature.

Relax and Feel


Let's enjoy the village life in Japan

My village locates in the headwater area of the Tama river( important source of water for Tokyo citizens).


I'll update the information about my village and tours little by little. 
Thank you for your reading!

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22 Mar 2017


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