Kyoto Blog Tour: Sake Beginners. Come and Enjoy Sake from the Old to the New

by Masaki - Japan Licensed Guide
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When you are in Japan, you definitely wanna enjoy sake.

However, you go to Izakaya or a liquor store but there are hundreds and thousands of kinds...  some are super smooth with fruity aroma, and others are rough and smell like pure alchole..

If you are sake beginner, Gekkeikan Okura Memorial Museum in Fushimi is the place to be!

They help you understand the basic of sake, and even provide a tasting service!

Let's have some "Blog Tour" here!

1. Gekkeikan and Okura Memorial Museum

Before starting the tour, please let me introduce Gekkeikan.

Gekkeikan is one of the oldest sake brewerlies in Japan that started its buiness in 1637.Located in the famous sake brewing district Fushimi, Gekkeikan Okura Memorial Museum was renovated from a Gekkeikan sake brewerly built in 1909 and opened to introduce the sake brewing in Fushimi, and the history and culture of sake in 1982.  The 6120 sake brewing tools were designated as tangible cultural assets in 1985.

Standing in front of the door, you feel the 379 years of history!

Kyoto Blog Tour: Sake Beginners. Come and Enjoy Sake from the Old to the New

2. Let's go in and See Sake Making Process

Now let's actually go in.

No reservation is necessary. Just pay the admission (300 yen) at the reception, and you even get a bottle of sake!

Kyoto Blog Tour: Sake Beginners. Come and Enjoy Sake from the Old to the New

The first thing you see is "Sakamizu" = Sake Water. Fushimi literally means "Crouching Water (Fushi  Mi)", which refers to its rich underground water. You can taste this water and see the difference.

Kyoto Blog Tour: Sake Beginners. Come and Enjoy Sake from the Old to the NewThen check out sake making process with actual equipments.

They show how each process makes a flavor difference in the end.Kyoto Blog Tour: Sake Beginners. Come and Enjoy Sake from the Old to the NewKyoto Blog Tour: Sake Beginners. Come and Enjoy Sake from the Old to the New

3. Tasting Time!

They usually offer three different types.

As of today (Jul. 2016), you can tast these three kinds.

Premium grade one made by the old style making process,

Daiginjo made by the modern style process,

and plum wine that is really popular among ladies.

Taste and experience the difference. Sake experts are stationed at the tasting area so you can ask any questions!

Kyoto Blog Tour: Sake Beginners. Come and Enjoy Sake from the Old to the NewThere is also a gift shop at the exit.

There are some sake only available here.

My personal favorite is this Daiginjo freshly out of the brewerly. This one is real fresh that it expires only in 2weeks,

and it's only 1200 yen. The BEST cost performance.

Kyoto Blog Tour: Sake Beginners. Come and Enjoy Sake from the Old to the New

Sake tasting will be much funner after visiting this place.

Come enjoy sake in Kyoto!!

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17 Jul 2016


Licensed Guide
(91) Reviews

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