16 Sep 2014

An Energetic Koiya Festival

was held in Osaka Castle Park on September 13th, 14th.  About 100 teams, 3,000 university students, took part in the festival and performed frantic dances.  In the park many spectators got together and had a great time to see dances.

Koiya Festival at Osaka Castle Park

The fastival is operated by university students and is aimed at the reconstruction of local community.  The energetic dance includes Yosakoi, Hiphop, and Kawachi Ondo, or Osaka's local dance and the like.

Koiya Festival at Osaka Castle Park

Koiya Festival at Osaka Castle Park

 As for Yosakoi, I already posted on a blog whose title is ”Himeji Castle Festival Watch a Video !!",   For your reference, please check  HIMEJI YOSAKOI FESTIVAL and  watch a video !!

It was very clear today and both dancers and spectators greatly enjoyed it.


This is the Osaka Castle seen from the park.

Koiya Festival at Osaka Castle Park

If you want to walk around Osaka Castle, please check the tour of Osaka Tour of Osaka Castle, Shin-Sekai, and Dotombori.

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