12 Jun 2016

Tanba District

is located in the north side of Mt.Rokko.  It is one of the most appropriate places to grow cow.  Because the country of Tanba is blessed with clear air, bland and inocuous water.   In these environment cow grow healthy with listening to the chirping of birds and classic songs, and fall asleep while listening the sound of a stream.

Tajima Cow

However even among Tajima cows, only the chosen cow that satisfy specific quality criteria deserve the title "Kobe Beef."  What affects the meat quality of beef above all is its lineage.  Tajima cow is regarded as the pinnacle of even the Japanese black domestic beefs that only a few now exist  and is used as the "motoushi" or purebred pedgiree cow.

The deliciousness of Kobe beef

The fine, delicate meat has a high degree of marbling that melts at low temperatures. The lean meat has tender fibers and refined sweetness.  Kobe beef is rich in oleic acids which determine the taste of fat and the flavor component inosinic acid.

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Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef

Garlic riceKobe Beef


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