Kimono world

by Yuko - Japan Local Guide
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Let's enjoy Japan!

Hi! I'm Yuko.

I have started guiding this month around Tokyo.

I introduce about Japanese attraction inluding local spots from now, so let's find your favorite spots in Japan with me!


By the way,  have you ever worn kimono?

On  other day, I have practiced photography with my colleages.

 We dressed kimono my friends and took photography.

If you have a chance, you should try it.  Even Japanese  rarely have time to wear kimono.

Because kimono is heavy to fit and move, and Weatern clothes is so easy to wear.

But I think kimono is rearlly beautiful, and it suits to people all over the world.

There are many kinds of style of kimono. 

You can choose the kimono style to you.

And if you wear kimono, I recommend that you are took nice photo by a cameraman.

This must be a memorable event in your life.

Kimono world

Kimono world


Kimono world

Did you like my article?

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I'll be waiting for you, so please check my profile and get your trip plan now


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(7) Reviews

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  • Home visit and kimono experience!! The precious local tour.

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    by Yuko
    You can visit the Japanese home and wear kimono. Let's experience the Japanese daily life and learn about kimono culture. You can visit local spots and c...
    3 Hours US$ 146 per person
  • Akihabara walking!!

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    We're going to some popular shops around Akihabara. After walking, let's visit a Maid-Cafe. If you are interested in GUNDAM, we can go there instead of ...
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  • Let's try local food in Asakusa!!

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Recent Tour Reviews in Tokyo

“ Walking tour ”

Very Good
8 months ago Traveler: Robert -   Tour Guide: Yuko

Yuko gave us a nice tour. It was very enjoyable Bob
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“ Yuko was nice! ”

1 year ago Traveler: Julie -   Tour Guide: Yuko

Yuko was a nice person and flexible with our schedule.
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“ Afternoon visit of Chiba ”

1 year ago Traveler: Sebastien -   Tour Guide: Yuko

For my second visit to Tokyo, I decided to spend one day to visit Chiba which I did not know anything about. I chose Yuko as my guide because she seemed very kind and friendly. I was not disappointed. First she helped me find the best transportation to meet her and then guided me to the places I was most interested in in Chiba area which were the Makuhari Messe and the Chiba Castle. I enjoyed my v...
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“ Akihabara tour ”

1 year ago Traveler: Umi -   Tour Guide: Yuko

Yuko gave us a private tour at Akihabara. She showed up early and was very prepared. She had a print out schedule she showed us in the beginning of the tour. First we went to a figurin store called Radio Kaikan. For lunch, she gave us a choice of maiden cafe/gundam cafe and we went to with the maiden cafe, and it was a quite a experience and we were glad we had a good translator with us. She also...
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“ Not surprising, but surprising at the same time! ”

1 year ago Traveler: Robert -   Tour Guide: Yuko

We had never been to Japan before and meeting Yuko at the train station was our first 'real' interaction with a Japanese National outside our hotel. I cannot express how grateful I am that I chose Yuko to be the first stop on our long tour through Japan. She showed up exactly as she said she would, took us first to an authentic Japanese confectionery shop on the way to her home - interpreting and ...
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“ Very helpfull ”

Very Good
1 year ago Traveler: Anja -   Tour Guide: Yuko

We had a good trip around Akihabara with Yuko, where we were guided to Various places. I particularly liked the Japanese crafts shops. We also visited a maid café, which was an interesting experience. 🙂 I will recommend taking a tour with Yuko.
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“ Fun trip through Akihabara ”

1 year ago Traveler: Seth -   Tour Guide: Yuko

We had a fairly diverse group of people. Akihabara is, of course, known for its electronics shops and for catering to various "Otaku" interests. However, Yuko adeptly guided us through not only those areas, but to other places off the main strip so that we would all have a good time. She also courteously helped plan the tour around the opening times of the shops. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and p...
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