Kimono world

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Let's enjoy Japan!

Hi! I'm Yuko.

I have started guiding this month around Tokyo.

I introduce about Japanese attraction inluding local spots from now, so let's find your favorite spots in Japan with me!


By the way,  have you ever worn kimono?

On  other day, I have practiced photography with my colleages.

 We dressed kimono my friends and took photography.

If you have a chance, you should try it.  Even Japanese  rarely have time to wear kimono.

Because kimono is heavy to fit and move, and Weatern clothes is so easy to wear.

But I think kimono is rearlly beautiful, and it suits to people all over the world.

There are many kinds of style of kimono. 

You can choose the kimono style to you.

And if you wear kimono, I recommend that you are took nice photo by a cameraman.

This must be a memorable event in your life.

Kimono world

Kimono world


Kimono world

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25 Apr 2018


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