Kimono walking on a snowy day

by Chie - Japan Company

Yesterday, it was after 66 years that the snow accumulated more than 10 cm in October in Wakkanai.

On that day, we had a nice couple as our guests from Hong Kong for “Wakkanai Kimono Walking”!

We visited Wakkanai sightseeing spots, such as Mr. Seto’s former residence, Hokumon shrine, and Wakkanai station, while they were dressed up in Kimonos and we took a lot of pictures.

How cute were they!


Kimono walking on a snowy day

Although they seemed to be surprised to see the snow around this time, they enjoyed wearing Kimono and taking pictures with various poses.

The red Furisode kimono looked more attractive in contrast with the white snow.

It was the third time for the husband to visit Wakkanai. But this time, he came here to join this tour!

We really appreciate this experience with them and look forward to seeing them again.


You can take these pictures ONLY in Wakkanai! You can’t miss this opportunity.

Please come and join us before the snow melts.

We, the Wakkanai Omotenashi Kimono Team, are anticipating your arrival in this beautiful place.


Kimono walking on a snowy day






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01 Nov 2016



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