Kawagoe: Daruma dolls at Kita-In temple

by Noriko

I went to Kawagoe, mini Edo, again this afternoon.  I found several Daruma stalls at Kita-In temple in Kawagoe.  Daruma is an auspicious doll, usually painted in red, and it quickly returns to the original position even though it's hit from any side, because a weight is placed at the center inside of the doll.  This means "resilience".  Darumas sold at shops only have two white circles on his face without black eyes.  When people have a wish or dream that they want to come true, they first put only one black eye on a Daruma doll.  After they actually achieved that wish, then they draw another eye on him to make complete face of Daruma.Kawagoe: Daruma dolls at Kita-In temple

03 Feb 2016


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