27 Jan 2016

It is well known that Kyoto is  the old capital.

This means that along with the Emperor and the court nobles, the culture of Japan developed here.

Food is not an exception.

Kyoto Cuisine

Kyoto cuisine is a kind of full course dinner which consists of several ( or more ) dishes.

The difference between French full course dinner and Japanese one is this point. Kaiseki cuisine doesn't have a main dish, which means  every dish served to you is a main dish.

These are first served

Kaiseki cuisine ( Kyoto cuisine )

secondly served ↓

Kaiseki cuisine ( Kyoto cuisine )

sashimi ↓Kaiseki cuisine ( Kyoto cuisine )

Kaiseki cuisine ( Kyoto cuisine )

between ---- rice and soup

Kaiseki cuisine ( Kyoto cuisine )Thes dishes are lunch course.

Of course, dinner course is much more gorgeous.


The photos are taken at the restaurant Kokyu in Kyoto


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