Kagura-zaka, a big maze on the hill


Kagura-zaka, a big maze on the hillKagura-zaka is a big maze on the hill. 

Once you step into one of the narrow back streets from Kagura-zaka main street, you find yourself walking in old Tokyo in Showa era, some 50 years ago.  Kagura-zaka is the uphill slope from Ushigome bridge near JR Iidabashi station.  And there are many narrow stone paved back streets go up and down, right and left there.  You never know what is waiting for you.  It might be a dead-end, or steep winding stairways with small restaurants along the way.  You may find a good cozy hotel or a small shrine.Kagura-zaka, a big maze on the hill They say there used to be more than 600 Geishas in this area.   Some streets' names are telling you the good old days, such as Kenban(a geisha agency) street.  Today the number is 20-30.  So, the chance to see Geisha in Kagura-zaka is very slim today.  Instead, it seems the small restaurants are very popular for the ladies of all ages.  I met some group of ladies walking in the back street of Kagura-zaka with a map in hands trying to find the restaurant they booked for lunch.    Kagura-zaka, a big maze on the hill

Later, I saw two big foreign ladies in black business suites chatting in English with a small Japanese lady in Kimono at the enterance of a Japanese restaurant along one of those back streets.  The two big ladies looked like working in the office near here, and were just leaving the restaurant after their business lunch.   The Japanese lady must be the owner of the restaurant.   

After they left, I checked the menu stand outside. "Dinner course begins at JPY15,000 (US$150) at night".   I web- checked later and found the lunch course starts at JPY3,500.    I think I will come back to the restaurant for lunch some day.  

09 Feb 2018

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