Job hunting season for students

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These days, we find a lot of young people in black suits walking at stations  in business districts.  They check a mobile phone seriously and walk at a quick pace.  They are students who will graduate from univesity and start working next year.  They are looking for their job.   

In Japan,  many companies start recruiting activities  at the same time.  This year, it started on Mar.1st .  Now is  the season of  job-hunting for univercity students. Companies hold job fair,  have  interviews and do tests.  When students visit companies, they wear business suits and  most of them  have the same appearance  as bellow: 

Job hunting season for students

They can  choose any colours of clothes, shoes, and bags. But they choose what others choose; black.  (In the past, deep navy was very popular  so almost all students wore the colour).  Japanese do not like to be outstanding.  We think it's safe to conform to others.  That's one of the reasons why Japanese people like to wear uniform at schools, shops  and companies. 

In April, we find another type of young people wearing black suits.  They are new employees .  In Japan, fiscal year starts in April and companies  train new employees to teach various things including  their corporate culture.  During the training period, new employees get close each other.  

Job hunting season for students

Many students find their job before summer but some continue until next  March. I hope all students find a good job and  start working full of hope.

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07 Mar 2019


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