07 Jan 2016

Relaxing one day in old temple & botanical garden and comfortable town 

     Kichijouji is said to be the most comfortable town to live in  in Tokyo  

                           Why don't we go visit there to understand its reason directly? 

Jindaiji is the second oldest temple in Tokyo following to Sensouji temple in Asakusa. Alongside of the street to the temple ,there are Soba noodle restaurants, sweets shops and a pottery shop where you can paint on and make your own cup At the entrance there is a character shop of a famous comic 'Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou ' by Shigeru Mizuki which is fun to visit  

Jindaiji and Kichijoji town walking tour

Also there is a botanical garden next to Jindaiji area where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and plants.

Kichijouji is the most popular town to live in  in Tokyo. First we will meet at Mitaka station, take bus to Jindaiji ,have a leisurely walk there and, have Soba noodle lunch at Yuusui the most popular restaurant and then take a bus to Kichijouji. On the way you can see Ghibri museum and Inokashira park through the window Arriving Kichijouji let's take a look at Harmonica alley with many small bars and restaurants. At the end of this short trip why don't you drop in at one of them? Cheers! 

Jindaiji and Kichijoji town walking tour

* For group tour (up to 4) I have a discount plan. More information: Please see Jindaiji and Kichijoji town walking tour 


Please see my tour⇒Jindaiji and Kichijoji town walking tour



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