Japanese tea at STARBUCKS


Japanese tea at STARBUCKS

This is the announcement that a new Starbucks shop is opening at Ginza LAOX building 1st floor. It is well-known that having a fashionable coffee chain shop is a key to successful building management.

LAOX is one of the most popular tourist spots  with countless Japanese products such as electric items and cosmetics, catering especially to  Chinese customers from mainland. Here in LAOX, they can have a short break with Starbucks drinks after a long stroll of the building.

Without information beforehand, they will simply order what they are used to at their countries' Starbucks, for example,  short latte, iced coffee...and you  will be feeling normal yourself with the drinks.

But this is Japan's coffee shop. Irecommend that you try Japanese hot tea, either of Houji Cha (roasted brown-colored tea) or Matcha (green tea). Houji Cha comes as straight tea, and Matcha comes with milk. Actually they are not aucentic serving style, but casual sipping of Japanese tea at Starbucks will be one of your unusual memories in life.


25 Oct 2017

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